I’ve been recovering from multiple times of grieving, time to get on with LIFE.

New year of 2017 will be used up and behind us before we know it! What good will I have done, smiles will I have witnessed, project will I complete? Now is the time!



Shhhh…. it’s a Secret!

What do you think I am, anyway!
What do you think I am, anyway!

Leave your best guess about this shapely mannequin!

When I get a dozen guesses I’ll post photos with the answer!

About This Blog, Blogging 101

Humility so sweetly awarded. wow

The Mystic Horse Chronicle

IMG_7619Apolinaire, 3o something

I’m on a mystical journey with my six horses and one dog. This is a chronicle of the journey as I explore and experience first hand the spiritual connection between horse and human, and the surprising healing that ensues. These writings focus on true stories of unconventional spiritual interactions between the horses and myself as well as clients that come to the ranch. Included are musings that come in moments of inspiration or silliness, and the intermingling of nature and the arts which are integral to the spiritual experiences here as the horses do their transformational work.

I am 72 and entered the world of horses for the first time when I was almost 50 after a teaching career, and raising two sons. One remarkable horse, Apolinaire, found his way to me at a ranch where I had just begun riding lessons. He changed my life…

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Writing 101, Day 1

Heartburn, reflux, sitting up dead awake, exhausted sleepy, unable to maintain a restorative sleep. Understanding the “write for 20 minutes stream” means typing for twenty minutes. Flooded with guilt about what I have not accomplished in the winter months, how unprepared I am for the winter months ahead. The demands of pre-scheduled activities for the coming rush to tourist season breaks spring without a spring break. Summer seems unbearable when a 73 degree day felt too hot to think. Acclimating is a greatly descriptive term! I’m so rebellious. Having looked to this time for so long, inertia has a grip on me! Soothing coffee. Contact list. Phone charger, filled mechanical pencil with new white, clean eraser I am poised. Don’t get in my way in the next 30 days. I will be battling nature for a chance to get ahead. Pre-poison ivy. Pre-garden, pre-mowing! Ugh. Need for pure sunshine. Need to be responsible. Must pack up my history so I can have a future. Spring Cleaning came early. Hibernation wearing off so slowly in the gloom. Mud. ugh. Pussywillows in full bloom may be too late to pick already! Pollen. meds, shots, appointments. ugh. Laundry doldrums, inconvenience. Eating, sleeping; inconveniences.  I want to work and concentrate and research and sell. I want intuitive partners who will know what to do and do it and present results before I can ask. (i think) Evolution. Change. Stress. Why are they synonymous? Why can’t i let go and move on? Loose ends! TIE THEM UP! Make it a personal challenge! What IF it was a flood coming, or fire, or eviction? Weigh the options. Open mind, open eyes to consequences of actions or inactivity! Twenty minutes? When did I start? Straight up on the hour. Get some news! right. So I learned that “imope” callous remover (GROSS) works on dry feet in a hurry and some $29 fiber lash extender works in a hurry better than mascara. TV from the white house gardens. (no coats on) Preschool cartoons, Old reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond (NOT) 3 more days of rain and cold. Click! OFF! ugh. Need to choose how to optimize my time. Graphs. timelines. How much is left? Jar of marbles illustration on the way hope the glass is strong enough for 110 year representation. Will i be willing to let go then? Friends with no choice. Friends on the other side already. The promised peace of it seems so inviting. Don’t want a mess left behind. MUST attack the phone list promptly. Push thru, new goals will surface, new timelines to achieve them. ugh. Confidence mask on. Check. Good breakfast and vitamins. Check. List… like a marathon relay race DIVE IN!